What is Administrative Support?

Administrative support unambiguously means providing support to a company in a way that is well ordered and well regulated. It includes tasks performed on a day-to-day basis that keep an office running smoothly and efficiently.

Why do we need it?

Administrative support plays a vital role in handling day to day administration for an individual or team and are always expected to make critical decisions. It helps the organization to run their business in very organizational and effective way.

How can we help?

We understand you have a busy schedule, managing leads, or helping keep your work and home life organized is important. We here at My Virtual Office Assistant understand what it’s like to need help, and we help take the stress off of you. Let us take tasks off your plate so you can focus on what’s really important? Following are some of the tasks that we can manage on your behalf:

  • Responding to mails.
  • Manage your calendar and schedule
  • Find and order products and services
  • Keep your contact list updated.
  • Deal with customer service utlities, airlines etc
  • Schedule appointments with professionals and business meetings