What is SDS Management Services?

SDS management is a Health & Safety practice that ensures Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are properly stored and shared with employees and customers that will come in contact with potentially hazardous chemicals. It includes SDS archiving, revisions tracking, and SDS digitization.

Why do we need SDS?

SDS documents makes your life easy and your chemicals safe, by authoring, organizing and ensuring they’re accurate and up-to-date.

How can we help?

ADR Solutions offers the detailed documentation of SDS that not only helps the organization to be safe but also helps them to keep the detailed records of the chemicals. An SDS is set up with a following format, which aims to help the user of the chemical mitigate potential issues that may arise.

Data Updating & Renewal

For continued compliance, we offer database update and renewal services that ensure your SDS sheets are the most current. For clients looking to establish ongoing renewal services, single and multi-year subscriptions are available.

Field Indexing

From the essentials to the ceiling, below are just a few of the general fields indexed.

  • Product Name
  • Manufacturer Information
  • SDS Revision Date
  • Ingredient Name
  • CAS Number
  • Weight Percentages
  • Specific Gravity
  • Ongoing Updating of Regulatory Flags (e.g., Carcinogen, Prop 65, RCRA Series)
  • GHS Document Status Flags
  • Statements GHS Signal Words
  • GHS Health & Physical Hazard Statements
  • GHS Precautionary
  • NFPA & HMIS ratings
  • PPE Hazards & Checkboxes